Consult with astrologer

Hello, my name is Alexander Nedoboy, and I am a practising astrologer. After 5 years of in-depth study of astrology, I am opening my private practice to new clients. I invite you to become my clients.

Learn yourself

Your strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, inner potential, life mission and your place in the world.
Everything that is encrypted in your natal chart.

Plan the future

Using astrology to see the general shape of the future: the key trends, possible events and their timing. To prepare for crises and to seize opportunities.

Resolve an issue

Work, relationship, finances, difficult choice, etc. We’ll diagnose the situation and find a solution based on your natal chart.

Improve a partnership

Combining your charts to determine the dynamics of the relationship, areas of compatibility and points of friction. Maybe we will understand the karmic mission of your relationship.

Get a personal consulter

An astrologer is an advisor and assistant who translates information from the language of the stars to the present. Many great people had astrologer-consultants. It’s like having a family doctor and a lawyer. They help in difficult situations.


Alexander Nedoboy is a practising astrologer. Consults people, writes articles, conducts workshops, and Astro circles. In his practice, he combines multiple astrological systems with polymodal psychology methods to address the diversity of tasks and clients’ needs.

A proponent of humanistic astrology, with a focus on realizing one’s potential and engaging in constructive work, even with the most challenging aspects. A student of the Humanistic School “A Human Being Among People.”

Giving a workshop about astrological archetypes
Looking at the mirror
My natal chart


First consultation. If we are not yet acquainted, I will need to first immerse myself in the circumstances of your life and study your chart. For this, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and respond to questions in writing.
Price: €150

All the next ones. Feel free to contact me at any time convenient for you with any questions.
Price: €100/h

To begin contact me via Telegram or WhatsApp